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The DJC came out last week to take photos for an article on the Edwin Rayworth House that landed on the front page. While the article is only available to subscribers, in it Reed Jackson covered the plight of the house and Albina residents struggle with both the city and developers. Mr. Koshuba’s lack of desire to renovate, especially with the foundation in poor condition, the push for greater density, and the lack of appeal processes regarding projects in the neighborhood all contribute to the perfect storm currently brewing around the Edwin Rayworth. On the positive side the DJC isn’t the only group interested in sharing the story, and Monday a reporter for Oregon Live intends to speak with me and attend the neighborhood meeting. The increased awareness of the home’s plight has catapulted our petition past 100 signers and we’re already beginning to head towards 200.

I visited the house Friday evening and plan to go back when it’s more light out, but from what I witnessed the building has terrific structure and just needs a little finishing and TLC cosmetic work. It’s a beautiful home with great potential to be even more a gem of the neighborhood than it already is. It could easily serve as a home, business, or community center for Albina residents, encapsulating both the history of the area and it’s dedication to caring for the neighborhood and it’s residents. Hopefully as more people become aware of the issues facing Albina and this home they will be supportive of legislative change to keep our neighborhoods beautiful and protect our history. Our past is important because it shapes us as individuals and communities and gives rise to our unique traits and perspectives. Valuing for what it is is important, not just to us, but to everyone who visits or lives here in the future as it’s their history too.

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One thought on “Front Page of the DJC

  1. Caroline Dao

    Thank you Nora, for all your help so far. Let’s see this through.

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